Bourbon, Bourbon… who’s got the Bourbon?

The bourbon is here! There are only 144 bottles of this first batch.

It’s here to stay, but batches will only be released when barrels are done aging. The next batch will likely be released around the start of the new year.

You can pick up a bottle (once its stocked) at any of the Wine and Cheese Place stores, Randle’s, Luka’s.

Happy Hunting.Baby Buffalo Bourbon

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2 Responses to Bourbon, Bourbon… who’s got the Bourbon?

  1. Dan Hellmuth says:

    How much will they be selling for?


    • the queen be says:

      It will all depend on the store. I really do not know how much each individual store will list it for. Sorry that I can’t be more helpful. I’ll check in to it and try to find you a price range.

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