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Mad Buffalo Brewing Company, Inc. is a small, family-owned company that focuses on high quality, hand-crafted distilled spirits produced in small batches.  Each inspired by our distinct family traditions.  The Mad Buffalo Distillery, owned and operated by the Mad Buffalo Brewing Company, Inc., is a craft, small-batch producer of ultra-premium spirits that includes vodka, whiskey, rum, absinthe, gin, moonshine and other products.  We focus on the “craft” in craft distillation.  We consider ourselves to be artisans first, and beverage producers second.  Everything we do revolves not only around the finished product, but how it comes into being.  Our processes, traditional in nature, have been learned, honed, and crafted into a modern day replication of traditional methods.  We still do most everything by hand.  From malting our own grain, to our hand-crank grain mill, to actually stirring our mash, we focus on what is best for our product.

We also focus on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and corporate social responsibility.  We do this by only purchasing locally produced products, grains, and supplies, operating in an environmental fashion, and by treating our shareholders, employees, and customers like family.

Our attitude is different than most companies.  We believe in supporting our family, friends, and community while protecting the environment.  We will not make decisions based solely on the fiscal bottom line, as we believe there are multiple bottom lines.  Our impact on the planet, on each other, on our customers, and in our community is as important or more important as our profit.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but as many financial analysts have become to see, companies that support corporate social responsibility have the same, if not a greater, return on equity than traditionally minded companies.

Located in Union, Missouri, Shawnee Bend Farms has been in the family for nearly 50 years and serves as the backdrop for the Distillery.  It is a serene place where the neighbors are as close as family.  Which is good, since we value our community, our friends, and our family.  We work diligently to maintain a good relationship with the surrounding residents and include them in our plans when possible.  We also work to ensure that they, if they are able and willing, are looked to first before looking to outside local vendors.  We try to keep it “in the family.”

We want to welcome you to our community and hope that you will become a member of our family and not just a customer.  We want our customers around for the long haul, and will work diligently to keep them coming back.

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