-Our Mission

To produce superior quality, small batch, great tasting, craft distilled spirits focusing on environmental stewardship and sustainability while being a true responsible corporate citizen.

We want to change the world for the better, one drink at a time.


To become a leader in the craft industry while supporting our mission of being a family oriented company while protecting the environment, promoting sustainability and promoting corporate social responsibility.

-Ground to Glass

Grain to Glass, is a philosophy that places importance on buying all the grain used in the production of a distilled spirit directly from the farmers that grow it.  It most cases, they try to source everything within 50-100 miles of their distillery.  This helps to support the local economy, reduces emissions from the transportation of ingredients, and increases the control the distillery has over the quality of their products.  It also builds a sense of community.

To help fulfill our Vision and Mission, we have expanded the Grain to Glass idea into a Ground to Glass philosophy.  We grow everything we use on site at our own family farm, Shawnee Bend Farms in Union, Missouri.  Every glass you drink comes 100% from ingredients grown, cleaned, processed, distilled, blended and bottled by our family.

So, in keeping with this philosophy, we present to you products made entirely of socially responsible non-GMO grains, sustainably grown on our farm using environmentally friendly methods, and hand-crafted in small batches into ultra premium distilled spirits for your pleasure.  If there ever comes a time where we need a product that doesn’t not come from our Farm, we will inform our customers, through the use of batch notes of that particular batch, through our website.  We believe in transparency and feel that the truth is the only way to instill trust. Welcome to the family.

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